The TIC Ringrotor® Model 1032D is TIC General’s newest release of the heavy duty 32" diameter Ringrotor model.
  True to its name the TIC Ringrotor Model 1032D allows for true "on the tower positioning" for a full 360’ of rotation with the added diameter for larger antenna loads. Only the TIC Ringrotor® is capable of delivering this range of rotation combined with the structural integrity to support multiple antenna arrays.

The TIC Ringrotor® Model 1032D easily assembles on both stationary and crank-up tower assemblies in under an hour. We have spent many years of research and development time redesigning our earlier 1032 model to deliver an even better performance and "ease of installation". The TIC Ringrotor Model 1032D offers the following new features:

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  • Around the tower mounting
  • True 360' of rotation
  • Revised Structural Design
  • Simpler Assembly
  • New Professional Weld Process
  • Hot Dip Galvanized
  • Stronger at Bolt Joints
  • Simpler Assembly
  • Now Upper, Lower and Side Bearings on Ring
  • Bronze
  • Simpler Assembly
  • Maintains Smoother Ring Rotation
  Azimuth Drive:
  • Structurally Stronger – Easier Accessibility
  • More Positive Gear/Ring Engagement
  • More Positive Potentiometer Gear Engagement
  • Locking Device to Hold Az Drive in Position
  Boom Cradle:
  • Stronger and Improved
  • Better Weight Distribution on Ring
  • Cradle Hinges to the Right or Left
  • Can Parallel Antenna Boom with Tower
  • For Antenna Tuning or Repair
  • Re-tuned Analog Controller

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