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  The Model 2100B Preset Analog Controller gives "Point and Shoot" functionality to the TIC Ringrotor®. With a metered display, variable degree control knob and simple "START" button the 2100B Controller couldn’t be easier to use.
  The 2100B Controller ships, as a package item, with all TIC Ringrotor®'s. A simplified installation manual gives TIC Ringrotor owners total control of the TIC Ring within minutes after ring installation - it’s just that easy to install and use!
  Download 2100B Installation Manual
  Power Source:
115 VAC +/- 10V at 60Hz
  Power Consumption:
200 watts [maximum]
  Output Voltage:
24VDC at full rated current
  Output Current:
7.5 ADC [maximum]
  Transient Protection:
Varistors on power and sensor lines
  Meter Accuracy:
+/- 5 % of range
  Preset Control Accuracy:

+/- 10% of range

Preset Analog control of the TIC Ringrotor®
"Point and Shoot" positioning