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  Terms of Submission  
  Under no circumstances will TICGEN Direct be liable for any lost data due to the transmission of file(s) to TICGEN, Inc. Further more TICGEN, Inc. is not responsible in the event that the said sender should receive computer(s) or file(s) damage related to any computer virus. All submissions become the property of TICGEN, Inc.  
  Submission Requirements  
  • Images must be no larger than 800 pixels in width and no larger than 800 pixels in length (800x800)
  • Images must be sent in either JPEG or GIF standard format and must not exceed 1MB in combined size
  • All images must be related to TICGEN products


Submission Instructions
  • Open this e-mail link: carl@ticgen.com
  • Include your Call Letters, Name, City and State
  • Attach your images using your E-mail Program
  • Send your message to us!

    Submissions will be reviewed and processed within 3 business days and confirmed once posted via e-mail to the sending party.

    Note: By submitting material(s) to the TICGEN Customer Gallery you agree to the Terms of Submission listed above